For the Dental Professional

BRUSH-FLOSS-BRUSH (your tongue!)

Join Thousands of Dental Professionals Who Already Promote The 3 Step Process!

BRUSH-FLOSS-BRUSH (your tongue!)

Join Thousands of Dental Professionals Who Already Promote The 3 Step Process!

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The Most Effective & Comfortable
Tongue Cleaning System Available

Tongue Brush and gel sets from TUNG

The TUNG Brush
Dental Program

BRUSH-FLOSS-BRUSH (your tongue!)

Giving dental professionals the tools to insure COMPLETE oral care for their patients.

When you order TUNG products we provide materials to assist you

Dental Office Display

This display provides the patient the opportunity to see actual product. Its compact design allows an easy fit in the waiting room, check-out counter, operatory or in all three locations. Designed to hold one sample of TUNG Brush and Gel and multiple patient brochures.

Patient Brochure

Designed to educate the patient about the importance of adding daily tongue cleaning to their oral care routine (3 Steps: Brush-Floss-Brush (your tongue!)). Outlines this step’s role in maintaining overall wellness as well as the effective elimination of bad breath.

Hygienist Resource Guide/Product Info Sheet

This two part document is designed specifically for the dental hygienist as well as office personnel for ordering purposes.

For the hygienist, it helps to remind their patients of the critical importance of daily tongue cleaning being the vital 3rd step to optimize a person’s regular oral care routine. It highlights the 3 distinct steps that dental professionals consider standard of care. ( vs the previous 2 steps of only brushing the teeth and flossing). The “Brush-Floss-Brush” regimen insures patients that their daily oral care routine is complete.

The flip side has all pertinent pricing and contact information regarding the purchase of TUNG. Our goal is to minimize the amount of materials the office has to manage and file.

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